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I need help finding a cheap place to rent chair covers and sashes from.  The cheapest one I have found so far is quality chair covers, but the shipping they charge is a lot! It comes from California and its like an extra $250 for the shipping both ways...but it is also only $2.25 a chair.  I have not gotten a sample yet so I don't know what the quality is like.  Any suggestions?


  • cbvcru67cbvcru67 member
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    A friend recommended to me Sitting Pretty rentals out of the Maplewood-ish area.  The number he gave me was 781-1400.

    I saw pictures of his daughter's wedding a few months ago and it was very well done and he said they were great to work with.  A bonus - being in StL, I believe you can pick them up on your own and save yourself the shipping.  Hope this helps - I haven't talked to them myself yet - still working on a venue and a plan, but probably will be calling them eventually! 

    I goggled to find pictures of the website... I am linking it because it was tough to find.... http://www.party-arts.com/  Hopefully this works - I've never linked before, hehe!
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    Yo'd be better off buying chair covers at that price, go to linentablecloth.com, we ordered 150 chair covers for $325.00 including free shipping and were able to sell them after the wedding and recooped $175.00 of our cost, our venue wanted almost $500.00 to rent them!
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    JCM Party Rentals in Festus, MO
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  • DemedollDemedoll member
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    Definitely buy them! I had a small wedding so I had to buy mine individually which was pricey ($3 a chair cover) but it still came out to a fraction of the cost the venue was going to charge to rent them.

    Check out ebay and amazon as well. Good luck!
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    Try this online chair cover rental ( http://www.sculptwareonline.com/ ) company Sculptwareonline.com. It’s got tons of options in colors and patterns that you can choose from. They specialize in spandex linen, which is stretchy and sits quite snugly on the furniture. Believe you me, using attractive linen for chairs and tables does perk up a wedding venue!
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