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Missouri-St Louis

DON'T use Amy Hoga Photography

Dear Brides

I'm an Atlanta bride who was severely wronged by Amy Hoga. She's apparently moved to the St. Louis area, and I just want to warn you of her behavior and services. 

Amy was absolutely horrible to work with. I wish I had the space to write down all that she did wrong, but I'll just focus in on the main thing. SHE STOOD ME UP ON THE DAY OF MY WEDDING, & had the nerve to not refund me the money. I was too nice to pay her the full amount 3 weeks before the wedding because she told me she needed travel money to make it for the wedding (which was not what we first agreed upon, but I thought I shouldn't make a big deal and help her out). I hired her for two 4 hour days (weds,thurs before the wedding) & 1 full day (Saturday) of wedding coverage. She showed up 2 hours late to our first half day (due to her driving down the day of the event! That's bad planning on her part.), and she pretty much ignored my calls when I was trying to figure out where she was. She left less than two hours into the event due to not feeling well. I gave her some bottles of water and food and let her go home, b/c that's what a decent person does. I asked her if she would be able to cover the rest of the wedding and she looked flabbergasted that I would even ask such a question and rudely said "yes, of course. I'm committed" & walked away. The next day I get a TEXT from her saying "I have the flu...". After repeated failed attempts to contact her on where to go from there I started looking around for a last minute photographer. She finally sends me another text a couple hours later saying that she has no interest in talking to me further & that I'm rude & unkind. I replied "that's fine, but please issue me a refund" she never responded again. Now I'm filing a dispute and getting ready to take her to court for her actions. I can't believe how unprofessional, disorganized, & rude she is. It's horrible that she tried to ruin my wedding day, but I'm glad I had a positive support system to help me get through it. PLEASE LEARN FROM MY MISTAKE AND STAY FAR AWAY. I know she's moved to St. Louis, so as a heads up to you guys be careful of her. 

Here's a link if you want to see the other complaints about her...

PLEASE PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM HER. She nearly ruined my wedding day, and instead of being stress free after the wedding I have to worry about getting my money back from this fraud. 

Shame on you Amy Hoga for leaving so many people stranded. 

Re: DON'T use Amy Hoga Photography

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