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carved pumpkin centerpieces

   I'm getting married in October & I thought it would be awesome to have carved pumpkins for centerpieces- not carved with creepy halloween faces, but with an elegant scrollwork design. I did not, however, wish to spend the 2 days before my wedding up to my elbows in pumpkin guts, and trying to preserve the things so they aren't half rotten (carved pumpkins go very quickly) is next to impossible. But I found these things called "funkins" which are carveable hollow foam fake pumpkins that look like the real deal but without the rot issue & I can carve them a while in advance. (see the seneca funkin at http://www.funkins.com/TheFunkinPatch/store/products/tag:Lumina/ ) These suckers aren't cheap, however, & while I spoke to the manufacturer directly & can get them at a wholesale price, the total for 24 of them with shipping is a bit more than I'm really comfortable spending.
    So, finally to the point: is there anyone out there in the St.Louis area getting married in October or November who will want these things when I'm done with them? Can we go "halfsies" on them, or can I sell them when I'm finished with them? If you're interested, please contact me at prplwondr@gmail.com.  

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    Sorry, I'm getting married in June but I just wanted to say CUTE! 

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    I had bought some for our wedding and I have 3-4 left over that haven't been carved.  I don't know if it would help you that much but I'd be willing to sell them to you at a discount.
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