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Price ranges for Bryn du Mansion; OSU Faculty Club: Winding Hollow?

Hello, I'm helping my son and future daughter-in-law research.  They were recently engaged and hope to marry on June 30, 2012.
I confess to reading this board for hours!!
Since it is Friday evening, I doubt I can reach anyone at these venues before next week, and I couldn't get a good idea from their websites.
Some of you have posted that you are using these venues.  Can you give me the scoop on pricing?
We are looking at about 125 ppl. and a budget for the ceremony and reception of $5-$7000. They would like to have ceremony and reception at the same location.

They visited Tall Timbers and really liked it, but will have to guarantee 150 to have the use of the bigger area. That seems wasteful when they will have quite a bit fewer.

Re: Price ranges for Bryn du Mansion; OSU Faculty Club: Winding Hollow?

  • I knew someone who got married at Tall Timbers and they did NOT have that many people so I don't see why you'd have to have 150! They used both rooms and had both the reception and the ceremony there! I am having my wedding at the Gahanna Sanctuary and it is budget friendly with hardly any restrictions! I don't think there are anymore June dates available though :-/
  • I think that Bryn Du runs about $1,800 to rent but that does not include table and chairs. You have to do that yourself (don't quote me on the price-- I am not positive).

    I know that when I was looking to book a couple months ago most of the Saturday's in summer months were pretty booked up. 

    The upside to Bryn Du is that you bring your own caterer and alcohol. 
  • Thanks to both of you.  I appreciate your networking help!
  • kellyrvt would have official pricing for the faculty club since she was married there, but when i checked it out last year it was roughly $2000 to rent. It's a beautiful facility. You will need to use their catering and bar though so it wont be terribly cheap, but you might be able to do it!
  • oh i should mention that the faculty club rests up against browning amphitheater which is where kellyrvt and nnoble were married. beautiful! then guests walk less than a minute from the amphitheater to the cocktail space of the faculty club.
  • I'm getting married at Bryn Du in May. I believe we paid $1900. And yes that does not include tables/chairs. I would be surprised if they had June dates left. Good luck- the mansion is amazing!
  • i am getting married at the big room, you get to bring in your caterer and alcohol so we saved lots of money on that. 
  • Thanks y"all for helping an out of stater! In the meantime, we have found that Tall Timbers and the River Club at Confluence Park have the date available - yeah! I've read the reviews here for both of those venues, but would welcome any additional opinions/experiences.
  • I went and saw tall timbers and the lady I met with was super nice. I also liked that they called and followed up when they had someone come in that wanted the same date as me.

    The space is a traditional wedding feel. They do their own catering and you can bring your own alcohol. I've been to a few weddings there that were very nice!
  • The river club has a 10,000 dollar min for Saturday night, the winding hollow is beautiful I really want to have my wedding/reception there but my fh doesn't want a Friday wedding and Saturday's are booked for July but they have a min of 7000, faculty club is beautiful also and they have a small outdoor area for ceremony or you could do it inside there min is 5000. Sorry I only have min bc that's the most important thing for me bc if the min is more than we can afford then I know it's not in our budget..good luck!
  • Our wedding and reception were at Bent Tree Golf Club in Sunbury (north of Polaris) and we felt it was a great value - we had an all-inclusive package. You might want to check them out.
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  • There are 3 rooms at the River Club, depending on the number of guests expected. The minimum for the Olentangy Room is $3000/day, $5000/evening. Confluence Room is $4000/day, $6000 evening. Lots better than $10,000 for the largest room.

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