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Good nights to have everyone here

Stealing from the KC board, but it's a good idea.

I know our board is a little slow. In an effort to get to know each other more and get some more consistent posting, how would you feel about having a Knotties Night?

Please vote on which day/time option works best for you and post any thoughts/topic suggestions. "End" times are just suggestions - we can keep it going as long as we want! :-)

Get advice from more Knotties all at once.
Up your post count.
Great for those of us who may be planning STL weddings in different time zones
Show STL a li'l more action ;-)
FI have poker night every Sunday? Now you have Knotties Night (which sounds so much more risqué)!

Re: Good nights to have everyone here

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    How about Sunday Evenings?
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    usually Tuesdays work best for me!
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    Weekends won't work for me, that's the only time I get to see FI
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    I'm working two jobs totaling about 70+ hours a week, and my FI travels a lot, so monday night's and Sundays are the only time I have off. I'd love to be able to learn more about what everyone's doing, since I know nothing, but I am lucky that my MOH is an Event Planner by trade, she is the BEST, so I could share some of her tips too!
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