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I was thinking about using burnt orange and purple table covers for my wedding next year. We're having a fall themed wedding and plan on using pumpkins, gourds, and fall leaves as center pieces. Do you think those colors go well with this theme?

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    I love those colors together. My only thought is.... what shade of purple are you thinking of using?  I think that using a really deep dark purple would look fantastic. 
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    Have you thought of using a burgundy/ wine color to tie everything in?  Orange and purple don't really "go" but if both shades were dark enough and the wine color was included I think it is a reasonable color scheme.
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    We did eggplant and copper for our October wedding and got a lot of compliments on our color scheme. If you are wanting your colors to "pop" then I say go for it. Our BMs wore eggplant dresses and bronze shoes and carried bouquets or orange callas, orange roses, and burgundy roses. The GM wore burnt orange ties. Lots of pics in my married bio. I think if you did dark purple tableclothes and had orange pumpkins, leaves, and gourds it would look really pretty.
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    Thanks jlk0219! Those are great ideas! Those are more of the colors I was thinking about going with! We've already bought alot of the decorations for the tables. We got some leaves, pumpkins, gourds, and even pumpkin spiced potpourri! We're using a decorative hollow pumpkin for our card holder! One of the ladies at Michael's reccomended that and we thought it was a great idea!
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    Those colors will go perfectly! They are complimentary colors that will really pop at your wedding! Good choice!
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    Thank you krmabojo!
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