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Any suggestions for a dinner rehersal venue that will hold 60-70 people? My FI has has a huge family so im trying to help my FMIL find a place to hold all the peole she wants to invite.  Perferably somewhere that will cater for us so she doesnt have to worry about cooking.
We checked out Andre's and they are wanting around $16/person.

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    Where is your wedding ceremony?  We have about 75 coming to our rehearsal dinner because of so many out of town guests we wanted to include- we ended up using the church hall and found a local caterer that would come to us.   We also have family friends bar tending and will provide the alcohol ourselves.   If Andre's says $16 a person with drinks I would say thats a good deal.
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    Our church is Seven Holy Founders in Affton.  Im thinking we will just go with Andres since they do everything for you i wont have to worry about decorating much or hiring a carter. Thanks for the idea though.
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