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noon wedding...how long should the reception last?

My fiance and I are getting married next May at the Botanical Gardens. The reception is being held in my uncle's backyard. We are planning to have a mid-afternoon buffet dinner, but are not sure how long we should plan for the day to last. We have several family members and friends that will be traveling in from out of town so we don't want to leave them with nothing to do. Are we better off to plan some different activities at his house or try to find a different location to move to later in the day? We are trying to stay budget friendly but also want to keep all of the guests happy.

Re: noon wedding...how long should the reception last?

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    Leave them with nothing to do and let the party evolve naturally.  That way, those who want to retire for the evening can go home/ go to the hotel, and those who want to go out are free to do so.

    I wouldn't plan for a 3rd location unless you're also providing transportation.  I'd just let things happen and if nothing is, have a general idea of local places to go out near your uncle's place and announce you're going there.
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    We are having a 1:30 pm wedding and our mid-afternoon meal and festivities will last until 5 pm.  However, we do have an adults only after party scheduled as well to begin after photos and a wardrobe change around 8:30 pm.  The information will be included in the invitation, just so guests have the information up front. (it is an additional insert card)  All of the locations are within a few blocks downtown, so transportation is not an issue for us.  But, if it is a far distance it might be good to think about transportation options.
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