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New to the board and newly engaged!!!

Hello my name is Kelly and i got engaged on Christmas day.  We are planning on an October 2, 2010 wedding.  We are on a budget of about $4000 and a guest list of around 100.  I would love any information you have on a nice but cheap place to have a reception and a nice outdoor place to get married at.  We live in St. Charles and are looking to have it around here somewhere.  I look foward to getting to know you all.

Re: New to the board and newly engaged!!!

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    Hello and welcome!  This board is not very active, but can be helpful if you read all of the posts.  I would recommend you check out stlweddotcom if you have not already done so...much more active & very helpful.

    Also, you may want to consider how important certain things are for you... $4000 is not a lot for a wedding of 100 (if that has to include the cost of your dress, photog, ceremony, recep, etc...)  I thought I could do one on a $5000 budget, but so far I am no where close to being able to get a way with that & my wedding is in the "off" season so I am getting some deals.  Not trying to disappoint you, I just wish someone would have given me an idea of what a realistic budget would have been before I started planning.  Wink

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    Congratulations! I also got engaged on Christmas Eve! Looking at dates and where to start! For cheap receptions you should check out Trigg Banquet halls, Andre's, orlandos. You can totally do your reception for $4000. Don't forget to ask what vendors can do for you to earn your business.

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    Wow. Congratulations on your engagement!  With your budget and planning, think about it as a per person price.  You're looking at $40 per person.  You may want to either cut your guest list down or I've seen some nice day wedding ceremony and receptions.  Lunch is usually cheaper than dinner.  The average dinner per person is $35-50.  That doesn't include rental fees, decor, etc. 

    You could also consider putting part of your wedding on a credit card since most people find it customary to give cards with money at the wedding.  Just be sure to put that towards your credit in the end and find cards with 0% financing for a year or whatever.

    Either way, welcome to the boards.  I've gotten some great money saving advice on here as well with favors, flowers, etc.
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    Sorry, I must have misunderstood... is $4000 the budget for your entire wedding or just your reception?  If it is just for the reception you can definately find places to work with in that price range for 100 ppl... just let me know and I can send you some referrals.
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    Hi and welcome!  Congratulations on your new engagement!  What sort of ceremony/reception places are you looking for?  If you are wanting to keep your budget small, having a Friday night wedding would be an excellent way to make your budget stretch.  I'll be happy to help with any vendor recs or info!
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    I have a spreadsheet of ~80 reception sites I got quotes on. All Occassions Banquet Center was the most inexpensive I found in St. Charles, at $28 food/alcohol pp (don't forget to add in tax and grauity on top of that). Congrats on your engagement!
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