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Cake situation

So my future mother in law makes beautiful wedding cakes and wants to make our wedding cake.  I know a lot of venues don't allow cakes that aren't from a bakery but I was wondering if anyone knows of a reception venue that would allow this.  I have 165 guests so I don't need a huge venue.  I really want her to make the cake because she doesn't have a lot of money and this is all she can contribute so I definitely want her to be able to.  Has anyone else had a wedding where someone you knew made the cake?

Re: Cake situation

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    A friend of mine is making our wedding cake - she does great work and it will save us a ton of money!  Our reception is at Quail Ridge Lodge in Wentzville - they allow you to use any vendors you want (or none at all if you wish).  Good luck!
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    I'm pretty sure The Christy will let you bring in whatever cake you want, even if it's from someone's home! They are very helpful with trying to save you money while still making your day beautiful! We are having our reception at the christy in O'Fallon Missouri, but there is also another location I can't remember where though.
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    Thanks guys!  My ceremony is in Forest Park so Wentzville would be too far for the reception.  I asked The Christy and they said they would absolutely let me bring in a cake, thanks so much for the recommendation!
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    My ceremony is in forest park, and the reception is at quail =)  haha, I don't think it's too far, but then again, 1/2 our guests live by forest park and the other 1/2 live in wentzville! 
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    I actually think there are a lot of venues that will let you do this. I know someone who had their reception at Randall Gallery and they had a friend make the cake. I would search for venues you like and call and ask them. I think more venues are sticklers about what caterer you use.
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