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Missouri-St Louis

Focus on Design - Schnucks

I've had a couple recommendations for using Focus on Design (Schnucks) as a wedding florist. Has anyone used them? Could you tell me a little about your experience with them? I really appreciate it.


Re: Focus on Design - Schnucks

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    I don't have any specifics to offer you, but I too have heard lots of recommendations and positive reviews about them!  GL
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    Sure!  I called and made an appointment for a consultation, I just called the general number.  

    The florist who I met with was Rosa, and we went through some of their books along with my inspiration pictures together.  She gave me an estimate of how many roses and how many other flowers there would be along with a cost breakdown of each kind of bouquet.

    She was really helpful and helped cut down the number of certain very expensive flowers I wanted and substitute less expensive alternatives.  She was really great and brought in samples of each kind of flower they had in stock that I wanted to use to make sure they were exactly what I wanted, and the ones she didn't have she offered to order for me to see in advance at a reduced cost.  (I turned this down because I didn't see the point and they were SO much cheaper than the other quotes I'd gotten I was going to use them regardless of whether or not the special order roses were the right exact shade since it was out of their control anyway.)

    In any case, I loved my flowers, they were perfect, delivered 30 min ahead of schedule to the hotel suite where we were getting ready and all was well in the world.  My bouquet was later preserved and still looks beautiful.
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