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Hi! I am new to the board although I have always been a lurker. I have found alot of the posts to be so helpful in my wedding planning. We pretty much have everything narrowed down except for Photographers and the venue. We are getting married in Oct. and i was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for indoor/outdoor places all in one location. We are expecting about 150 people and would like to keep the ceremony and reception in the same location if possible, or very close. 
Would also like suggestions on Photographers. We have narrowed it down to 3 and we have met with one so far. Any reviews on these 3 would be great! I am very picky and love bright, vibrant yet somewhat candid shots. We have decided between these 3...love and life photography,  i kandi photography & sj macky. Any reviews would be great!

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    Have you checked out the Larimore Plantation for your wedding / reception?  I haven't been there, but I hear it is very nice and has outdoor / indoor areas.

    I don't have any experience with your photogs either, but I do read a lot of good reviews on sjmacky (check out stlweddotcom for the reviews).
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    I will check that out! Thanks for the info! I'll also google it tonight and see what kind of info I find. Thx!
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