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Beware of St. Louis Wedding Consultants!

Just wanted to warn people about St. Louis Wedding Consultants!  I hired Shayna for my 2011 wedding and saying I was disappointed and disgusted with the service is an UNDERSTATEMENT!  After paying 865.00 deposit she did not respond to any of my emails.  She didn't stick to the budget I gave her, and didn't even give me a copy of the contract.  She did attend two meetings with florists, but sat there and said absolutely nothing-no input whatsoever.  Finally after I started to send emails expressing my concerns that she wasn't doing her job, and I thought it would be better to part ways, did I get immediate nasty responses. I offered to pay her for her time for the two meetings she attended with me, but she refused to refund any of my money. Apparently getting paid to screw people is what she is best at- because it clearly isn't wedding planning.  I since have hired someone else, and they have done more for me in the first two days than she ever did.  I wrote a letter to the Better Business Bureau, but she wrote one in response that was filled with lies so they dropped it.  I just hope this helps at least one person from loosing out like I did

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