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Missouri-St Louis

Unconventional Wdding Reception/Shower for an already married Couple... details inside PLEASE HELP!!

Hi ladies!

My sister is in the Air Force and so is her now husband and they had to get married quick last year...

her husband doesn't think they should have a traditional reception or shower... but my sister wants SOMETHING...

I need ideas for a venue to host it at. No DJ or anything super huge maybe 50 people... but something better than a BBQ in someone backyard too and as it will be in March outside is probably out???

I need ideas!!! Anything goes... would like to keep it down price wise as much as possible...

Any help is appreciated!

Sister to the AirForce Wife

Re: Unconventional Wdding Reception/Shower for an already married Couple... details inside PLEASE HELP!!

  • doctabroccolidoctabroccoli member
    edited December 2011
    You could try the City Museum - they have a low rental fee and a choice of caterers.  And as you alluded to - make it more of a party rather than a wedding reception as they are already married.
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    I'd call around to local VFW halls- from the casual nature of what you're seeking out it is going to be hard to find a traditional wedding venue in the area.

    They'll also be on the less expensive end of the spectrum.

    Finally- don't call it a wedding reception or a shower- it is neither.  Call it a meet and greet for the couple.
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    Like PP said...it should be called a Wedding Celebration or something similar. There are plenty of places for you to have it. Your best bet would be finding a place that offers some entertainment and food/drinks. Since it would be a smaller party...you could always rent out a cool restaurant or club.

    City Museum is great (like PP said). Everyone loves it. It's playful and fun. www.citymuseum.org 
    Lemp Mansion is really cool and you could even do a dinner theater event. www.lempmansion.com/
    St Louis Zoo has a party hall. All your guests have access to the zoo as well. www.stlzoo.org/events/rentthezoo/ 
    Busch Stadium if their sports fans. link

    Just because it's not a wedding and/or reception does not mean you can't throw a cool or fun celebration party for them.

    Maybe take into consideration what they like to do or places they like to go and build a party from that.
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