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Ice Sculpture

I know... How frivolous ! But we are having one... Is anyone else? Anybody know of a good artist? I have found a few people online and their galleries on the website all seem lovely, but has anyone seen someone's work in person? We're not doing anything so over the top. It's not going to be life size replicas of my fiance and I or anything. We just need a couple of interlocking hearts or something. Thanks!

Re: Ice Sculpture

  • My friend's husband does ice sculptures.  I saw one in person at their wedding and it was amazing.  www.harveyiceman.com
  • Ice Visions. David Van Camp is awesome. He has been doing this for year. I am using him.
  • Thanks girls, I will definitely look into these guys! So just an opinion question... I thought I would just do something simple, like I said... Like a big heart with our names and date, or interlocking hearts.... I see so many pics with stuff like giant swans, or at least I think that's what it is.... Those kind of sculptures seem to dominate the photo galleries on the websites. Is it too over the top? I think it's pretty but I don't want it to be cheesy.... :/
  • Im using Ice Visions and we are doing a Monogram circle on pedestal. I think if you stick to letters or something its not over the top.

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