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Missouri-St Louis

Indoor places for photos

Do any of you have indoor places in mind for photos to be taken if weather does not permit? We have several hours between ceremony and reception, so there is pleanty of time to drive around. I just have no idea where we would go if it rains. Any suggestions would be great!!

Re: Indoor places for photos

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    Try the Old Post Office downtown.  I have been there for a friend's wedding.  It has a really cool look.  Don't know if there are rules, or you can just show up.  I would try giving a call. Also, the new hotel in the UCity Loop, Moonlight ?, it is really cool inside, and maybe you can arrange something if you call them ahead of time as well. Also, there is the Muny.  And if its not a horrible down pour, you can shoot under the breeze-way, and still have the outside in the background like you are outside.
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    Thank yoU!! I ll look into those places. They sound great!

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    union station is nice for indoor photos as well
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    Our photographer said you can go in almost any hotel downtown and take picutres in the lobby. 
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