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Greetings to all the STL brides! My FI and I are looking at getting married in the garden next to Nims Mansion. Just wondering if anyone was planning to get or had gotten married there. I was curious as to possible layouts, how things were set up or just general pros and cons of the park. I'd love to see pics if anyone has any. Thanks, Ladies!

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    That's at Bee Tree right? I can't offer much help because I haven't seen a wedding there, but it's a lovely area! I'm sure it will be beautiful!
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    Yes, it's in Bee Tree Park. It's pretty and really inexpensive.
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    I am getting married there too! Sept 2011!

    It is a gorgeous place with a great view and well worth it! For 3 hours the night before for the rehersal and 6 hours day of, we only paid like 130 dollars.

    You can google pictures of Bee Tree Park or go to the missouri conservation website and view the park. The pictures do it no justice, however. it is so much prettier in person!
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