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Lighting and Linens

Does anyone have review and pricing on lighting a venue?  Met with one company and got a quote, but would like to compare with others to make sure i am getting the best service and deal.  talked with millenium, but do not know where else i should check, and who is the best deal for the money.

Also looking for reviews on places and pricing for decorative table linens.
thanks for any help

Re: Lighting and Linens

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    try efavormart.com for linens   you can buy them pretty cheaply which is what i did for chair ties   it seemed less than renting them and then you dont have to worry about returning them.  I plan on donating them after to the gifted wedding organization in St Louis.
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    Another company that you might want to talk to about lighting is Swank Audio Visuals. My reception site recommended them and we've been in discussions about what they can do for the past few days. They seem really nice and their photos of past projects look amazing.

    As far as the linens go, let me know what you find! I'm in the process of dealing with that as well and had no idea how expensive the little things really are!

    Good luck!
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