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Missouri-St Louis

Georgianna's Catering?

Has anyone used Georgianna's Catering for their wedding reception? How did it go? Ours will have 150-200 people.

Re: Georgianna's Catering?

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    Don't know if it is too late or not, but we had these guys at my FI's cousins wedding and they were not good. I don't know if it had been sitting around awhile or what, but it was pretty bad. They had chicken parmesean, and I think I would have preferred a chicken sandwich from McDonalds over what they served.
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    Thanks for the response. We haven't booked them yet. I tried the food at a private tasting, and what we ordered the chicken in a wine sauce and pasta con broccoli, and it was good. But who knows, it could be not as good when served to a large group. I'm going to try at least one other place, just to compare. Choosing a caterer is stressing me out! I do NOT want to end up with crappy food and service for my guests, but we are on a tight budget, so it's a delicate balance. But thanks for your help!
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