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Cheap Ostrich Plumes

Does anyone know where to purchase cheap Ostrich Plumes? I was thinking a Michale's or craft store because everything online has been so expensive.

I would do fake Ostrich Plumes with no problem.

Re: Cheap Ostrich Plumes

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    Maybe try Hobby Lobby or Garden Ridge?  Another good one would be Old Time Pottery in Fairview Heights.  They have everything in that place, I swear.  It's kind of hit and miss on some stuff though, so you might be able to get SOME there and not all.  They can't usually just order more if you need it as far as I have been told.  I'm not sure what a good price is for these as I've never needed to buy any, but I hope you find something that fits your budget so you can have exactly what you want.  :-)  Good luck!
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