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Cafe Demenil and Others?

Does anyone have any experience with Cafe Demenil in Soulard/Benton Park?

Also, any suggestions for affordable reception venues that won't break the bank? We're trying to keep our reception and f&b costs under 10k...
~Destin Bride~06/17/2012~

Re: Cafe Demenil and Others?

  • kdbisopkdbisop member
    edited December 2011


    I had my reception there last October. It turned out beautifully. We got a lot of compliments. Dan is great. He was always availa ble when I had a question and he worked with us. I was really happy with the food and the services. We had more than enough space for the guest number we had (140). 

    I chose Demenil over the emp because everthing was included and I didn't feel like I was getting "nickle and dimed."

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    kdbisop, do you have any photos? I'm having problems visualizing how it will look!! 

    I've read some things about Dan and that people had issues with him so that's why i'm hesitant...but the price is amazing and the tent will be beautiful. You had enough room in the tent for a dance floor? i don't want to use the inside, just the outdoor and grounds. 
    ~Destin Bride~06/17/2012~
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    I went and looked at the venue- I liked the style and the price tag, but not the manager's hard sell. 

    Also, there weren't as many customization options, their tent wasn't in wonderful shape in case you were looking for outside space, and if you wanted to use the house to dress or take pictures, the ceilings are EXTREMELY low.  Like my 6'4" DH would have never fit inside, much less his 6'7" brother. 

    Parking is also difficult in that area. 
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  • kdbisopkdbisop member
    edited December 2011


    I didn't get married there so I don't know about the dressing rooms. The tent was clean and ready to go the day of my reception. It was October so I did use both the inside and the outside.  I liked both inside and outside because he kept the doors open and I felt like it made the space more open.  Like I said, I didn't have any problems with Dan ( I am a pretty laid back person) I trusted that everything would be as he promised and it was. I ordered Gus's pretzels for extra appetizers and he picked them up for us so that we didn't have to get a family member or friend to do it. I didn't get a dance floor. I thought about it but decided against it. The floor was fine.

    I also thought about gettin a DOC and when interviewing them asked about Dan and his services (as I had also heard both positives and negatives) all said that he was professional and good to work with, so I can't say anything negative about him.

    Here is the link to our pictures:

  • ValeriegoughValeriegough member
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    My sister got married there and had her reception. It was lovely, but my sister did not have an large wedidng by any means. They spent under 5K.
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    I don't usually come on here anymore but was looking for something and saw your post.  Thought I'd comment...

    We got married there in April 2007.  We had our ceremony at 10:30 and reception afterwards.  We thought Dan had everything under control but he messed up a very important detail that threw our whole day off and then blamed me for it...at our reception.  At that time (it may have changed) they allowed you 30 min between ceremony and reception for some pictures.  I wanted 60 min, so they were supposed to push the luncheon back a half hour.  Dan didn't give the cooks that new timeline, so lunch was ready and we weren't halfway through our family photos.  He also didn't have a table under the gazebo like we were supposed to have (one of his staff took care of that) and some other little things...but when I ddin't hire a DOC because he was supposed to take care of that kind of stuff it was very frustrating!  He also was very nasty to my BIL.

    I wouldn't tell someone not to get married there, just stay on top of him and double check, triple check anything you change from their standard timeline for the day!  I did get dressed there, I didn't have any issues with that part of it.  Overall everyone loved the location and thought it was beautiful, we got great pictures out of it and it was inexpensive.  I'm still bitter though...obviously!  Because his mess-up and attitude caused me undo stress.  Hire a DOC to handle him and you'd be fine.  We felt in the end that we weren't treated as well as other couples because we chose the less expensive luncheon reception in April - so he wasn't making a killing off of us.

    Hope that helps!
  • Hi All! What is the price range of Cafe Demenil for a reception? Thanks for the feedback!
  • Hi All! I have been looking all over the internet for information on Cafe Demenil, and this seems to be the best discussion. I have two questions for you:

    1) What is the price range for a wedding reception?
    2) How do you get a hold of anyone there? I have left a few voice mails and sent an email, and I have not reveived a reply.

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