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After Party

My Fiance and I are interested in having an afterparty for our wedding. So far we are looking at the Jive and Wail as an option.Before we completely commit does anyone have any suggestions???


Re: After Party

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    We are doing our after party at The Big Bang on the Landing downtown.  It is the same feel as Jive and Wail, from what I have read, however, I haven't been out to J&W.  Where are you having the ceremony and reception?
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    Jive and Wail is REALLY crowded and full of bachelorette parties on weekends.  On the landing, you're looking at the same thing, except substitute "21st Birthday" for "bachelorette party".  

    What was important to us was spending time with our friends, everyone getting in without a cover, having room for people to sit down, and being able to hear them.  We had the top floor of the Dubliner on Washington Ave. in the City after our rehearsal dinner, and after the wedding, we went to a small bar right down the street from the venue that we had basically to ourselves.

    With the right group of people, you'll have fun everywhere.  That said, I'd look into other places in Maplewood if that's your desired area- there are tons of fun places that won't be as packed.  If not, I'd definitely suggest the Washington Ave. area because there are simply so many bars, if you don't get what you want with the first one it won't be a production to move.
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    Well, we love the Big Bang and are so excited to do it there.  So if you are wanting a piano bar, go for it.  You know how you and your friends will have the most fun!!  We are having reserved tables and drink specials with our own waiter, so if you talk to the establishment you choose they can make sure that you get good service, even if they are busy!  Honestly, I think the Big Bang is more fun when it is full!
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