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After doing a rough draft of guests my fiance and I have come to a total of about 165.I don't want to not be able to have  as nice of a wedding because I invited so many people that I had to skip out on details. What do you think is a good number that i'm not breaking the bank but everyone can still have a good time?

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    First you need to look at venues and see how many people each will hold and how much each of them are.  Also be aware of any other costs associated with the venue (cake cutting, outside caterers, etc.), and if they have a specific list of caterers that serve them.  Find out the prices of the caterers as well.  Also keep in mind if you are having the ceremony and reception at different places and go by the lowest capacity between the two.  

    If you don't know these then you can't really make any decisions.  For instance, my venue is $1000 for the whole day and we are having both the ceremony and reception there.  We are also having it on a Sunday which costs about $500 less than a  Saturday or Sunday.  In addition, they do their own catering so we would have to go to them, but they are cheap about $10.25 per person, including nice, clear plastic plates and silverware, water, coffee, lemonade and tea.  They also do linens for $5.00 a table and all of the setup and cleanup.  These are all things to consider.

    Some places are $16 per person, some are $25 per person. It also depends on the formality of your wedding.  Find out this information and then you can answer that question for yourself.

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  • You really need to see how things are priced in your area. PP gave really good advice. You should also consider that some venue have a minimum guest requirement. I know my venue costs $32.00 per person with a minimum of 150 guests. So if I only invite 100 I will still be charged for the 150.
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