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Freaking Out!!! OH NO!!!

So I am in the freaking out mode because I am worried no one is going to come to my wedding!  95% of our guest list is from just over an hour north of our ceremony site (station 67).. then they have to drive about 25 minutes east to our reception site (jefferson country club)... I am starting to think I should have thought this out better but its too late, our wedding is in December!  I counted and I know that at least 80 will for sure come (family, cousins, etc.), but I want closer to 150ish.  We are inviting around 210 people (including children) in hopes of around 150... what do you guys think?  Sometimes, I feel sick about it and wish I could go back and change it so I didn't make everybody drive so much... or not come!  Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  On a side note, has anybody had any experience at either of these venues?  Just curious as to your thoughts.. Thanks!

Re: Freaking Out!!! OH NO!!!

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    Woah Breathe.

    25 minutes is fine for a drive as long as there is no additional time in between to keep your guests waiting.

    NEVER exceed your venue space with invited. Expect 100% attendance.

    Breathe some more.

    Have you even mailed out your invites yet? I don't think I have ever heard of anyone freaking out because of LACK of people showing up.

    Things will work out the way they are supposed to. If people love you and care about you, they will be there.
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    The drive across town really isn't that big of a deal... I'd say probably half the weddings I've ever gone to have had a half hour drive or MORE in between the ceremony and reception (I just thought of 2 right now that had 45 min drives).  Breathe, doll :)

    If you're thinking 80 right now, you've got another month or so to have another 80 rsvp yes!  Your wedding will be perfect even if only 40 show up though!  There are big pros to just about any size wedding, and no matter what you're going to love the unique feel your final guest list size will bring, I promise!!  

    Also remember that YOU care the most about your wedding, and this is okay - while it may be a high priority for many, it's not for everyone and some people will decline... and not because they don't love you, but just because life is going on.  I had a few disappointing 'no's', like my grandfather, and a few good friends, but I know that they were there in spirit :)

    And hey!  YOUR GETTING MARRIED IN 2 MONTHS!!!   YAY!!!!  :D

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    Thanks girls!  I think I am freaking out because we just went to a cousin's wedding a couple weeks ago, and they had over 250 people and everything turned out gorgeous (and it was close to home for everybody)... So then I start doubting OUR decisions.. even though, we really did not want more than 150ish to begin with, I started thinking.. "I should have had a big wedding, closer to home"... I just have to get back on track for OUR wedding, I guess.

    Also, it is not so much the drive from the ceremony to reception that bothers me, but more the fact that people have to first drive just over an HOUR to get to the ceremony, THEN 25 minutes to the reception, and over an HOUR back home again... :-/
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    Don't compare your wedding to other people's. If I compared ours to half of the other ones I have seen on TK, I would probably start crying. Be happy with what you and your FI have planned.

    A 25 min drive is not bad if that is where a majority of your guests are. And you will likely have a lot of rsvp's come back the week they are due. Some may even come back after the date. We just made sure we allowed enough time for us to follow up with people before we had to give our reception site the final guest count.
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    I'm sure they'll come!  It's your wedding and they know it's an important event and making the drive will most likely not be a problem!  It's not like they won't have time to plan for it, etc.
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