Couples Shower Gift Help!

So we made the favors for our couples shower in 3 weeks- bottles of hot sauce with a basting brush tied with a ribbon. Very cute and both guys and girls will enjoy that. But we want to get a few nicer mens and womens gifts to somehow give away. Since our shower is more of a bbq party and not a fancy ladies day- Mom said a margarita basket with mixer, flavored salt and a glass for the ladies and a booze basket with a shaker, liquor and glass for the guys. Is that a cool idea? What else is a fun idea?

Also, I dont really wanna play games like bridal bingo or anything but I dont mind like 1 cute game or some kind of raffle to giveaway a larger gift to a few couples. Maybe whoever answers some of our couples questions right or to the couple with the anniversary closest to ours?

Other suggestions?

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    I like those ideas for gifts. What about a 'chick flick' basket or something for girls (good chick flick, popcorn, candy, etd) and maybe a 'gamers' one for the guys (if any of your guys are into video games)

    I'm not a fan of games at showers either so I like the idea of just 'raffling' them off to the couple with the anniversary closest to yours or something like that. Or, even more literal to the raffle concept you could give everyone a raffle ticket of some kind as they arrive and then just draw some throughout the party and the winners get gifts. ?

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