Dress alterations?

Anyone know of a good place to have dress alterations made? Nothing major, fixing straps and bustle.
Preferably close to the West Bloomfield/Farmington Hills area.

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Dress alterations?

  • Florys Tailoring in WB shes on Drake imbetween Walnut and 15 mile in the plaza with CVS and the karate place.
    I just had my bridesmaids dress done there and itw as a size 16 (im an 8) she did it perfect!! my gf has sworn by her for years I have just never needed anything done. She has coupons in the local mail outs too.

    Good luck
  • Bella's Alterations in Livonia. My dress needed ALOT of work and they were amazing and very affordable.
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