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At our venue we're having a plated meal and are asking guests to select chicken, beef or vegetarian beforehand. We also have to indicate this on the escort cards somehow. I'm stumped as to how to do it..I know different colored ribbons are an option but I'm not sure how that would look.Can anyone who had to indicate meal choice show me their escort cards? I'm looking for ideas. Thanks!

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    I think it was kimsande that had something really cute. Printed right on the escort card was a little chicken or cow to indicate meal choices.
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    Do you know how your escort cards (besides the meal option part) will look like yet? If so, PIP? I've seen people use different colored rhinestones too. Or if you plan on stamping a picture of flower or whatever on your escort card, use different ink colors for each meal options. I've also seen people punch out a chicken, carrot or a cow out of their cards. If circles are a part of the theme, you could use a hole puncher and punch out 1 circle for chicken, two circles in a row for beef, and 3 circles for vegetarian.. At a wedding I just went to.. They used color markers and colored a corner inside of the escort cards for each meal option. The servers came up and took our escort cards and looked at the color inside to see our meal option.
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    kimsande had really cute place cards that identified her guest's meal choices. They were super cute![img]<a href="http://i29.tinypic.com/e6sunt.jpg" rel='nofollow'>http://i29.tinypic.com/e6sunt.jpg</a>[/img]
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    We are having a Fall themed wedding so for our meals indicators we are doingRed Leaf= Beef dishOrange Leaf=Chicken dishYellow Leaf= Veg.Brown Lead= Kids MealThese will be printed on the place cards and hopefully guests will take them to the table. HTH :)
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    I think the chicken and cow pics that Kristin had on hers was a cute idea.  :) Our shower lunch is plated.  MOH is going to fill out place cards with the person's name and what they're eating.  No assigned seating of course, just so the servers know what to give them.
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    You could do them with different stamps... you could also do different colors, or have different fonts, different graphics, etc.I am not sure the formality/theme of your wedding, so that can make a difference with your options.
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    Ooo, I like the chicken/cow/carrot stamps!! That would be perfect, because I've already wondered about couple who are getting one of each. This would solve that, because I could just stamp it with one of each! As for escort cards in general, if I have a family of four coming, do I put "The Name Family" on the card? Or "Mr. and Mrs. Name" and a separate card for "Kid 1" and "Kid 2"??
  • cindaycinday member
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    I just wrote it on the back of the card with a silver pen, very small, up in the corner. Sometimes people just do little stickers too.
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    ditto PP. see my blog and invitations - we are matching the same icon to the RSVPs to tie it together. erica (http://072509wed.blogspot.com/) used different designs for different entree choices and that turned out super cute too!
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