August 2013 Weddings

**island07b2b ***

I have a question for you!

How did you get your August 2013 Siggy Challenge title above your siggy picture??

I hate how mine is beside the picture pushing it to one side.

I hope I explained that right.

Re: **island07b2b ***

  • Right now I have August 2013 Siggy Challenge on the top and Bouquet Inspiration on the bottom but as you can see they just show up on either side of the picture. Grrrr!

  • You have your title in the same position as I do.  Trying copying your code into word and deleting everything in your signature box on TK.  Then start over again typing in your title and then pasting your pic code. 

    My siggy box looks like this:

    Aug 2013 July Siggy Challenge:  Bouquet Inspiration
    <center /> <MY PICTURE CODE HERE></a> </center>

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  • Thanks I will give that a try :)

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