picking photographer...?

I just want opinions. The photographer I like is a little bit more money than we were originally wanting to spend. However, since doing the budget we picked a reception place that has centerpieces that we can use that is included in the cost, so I figure that I will just do that. Photography - important to me! Centerpieces - not so much! So I am thinking that not having to pay extra for centerpieces would make it okay to spend a little bit more in photography??? I guess I'm hoping for support in my rationalization haha :)

Another question - does anyone have experience or know people that have used a $700 photographer in comparison to say... $3000? A friend of mine says it is ridiculous to pay more than $1000 for pictures. I admit that her pictures look nice, but I guess it just makes me nervous using someone who is less established. Our orginial budget was going to allow about $2000, and the photographer I like (who was recommended by a friend and has really good reviews) is about $3000.

Comments/Suggestions/Ideas appreciated :):):)

Re: picking photographer...?

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    Go for it!  Photography is NOT the place to skimp. Although I'm sure SOME inexpensive photographers do fantastic work, I feel like MOST of the time, you can tell!  They can charge more for a reason --- they have better style, they're more artistic, more experience, better editing, etc.
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    I agree with the previous comments.  Photography and videography are the only things that last after the wedding...don't skimp!

    Take the prices away....and which photographer do you think is better?  Is there a photographic style that you like better with one photographer.  Which photographer consistently has shots that you love?  Go with that one.  $1,000 over budget is not that big of a deal in the grand scheme of the wedding....especially if it is important to you and cut back somewhere else.

    Another very important thing is that you get the rights to the photographs.  Then you can make albums yourself through shutterfly or another online website.  That saves a ton too....and it makes great christmas presents for the parents and gparents!
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    I skimped on other parts of my budgets to get a good photographer.  Memories of the day will fade - your pictures you will have forever!
    My photographer gives us full copyrights to all the images so I will be able to make my own prints, albums, etc.  That was very important to me.
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    Absolutely go for the more expensive photographer.  I did it too lol!  I narrowed down to a couple of photogaphers, 2 of them offered the same things in their package but one was half the price.  I went to meet them and could tell why.  The cheaper one offeres 2 photographer but he didn't know who would be the second one on my da because he used multiple different photographers (I was not comfortable with that), He offered 3 albums with his package and they look like one I could have made myself on shutterfly or snapfish and his pictures were not even comparable to the more expensive photographer.  With the more expensive photographer I got the 2 photographer her and her husband, I got 3 of the flush mount albums, and the pictures were amazing.  Also super friendly.  Photography was my most important thing so I understand your concern. 

    My best friend had a photographer that charged around $700 or so she was very unprofessional.  She took pics of the groom and GM in the church but didn't save time for the bride and BM to get pictures in there.  We had our pictures taken in the room we got ready in, even after the wedding she didn't take pics of the girls in the church.  I am very much about structure and all the group pics we uneven and did not look structured.  She took pics at the reception sitting in a chair.  unless they have awesome references I would not be comfortable choosing a photographer for so cheap.

    Good luck
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    You usually get what you pay for...a higher cost for the photographer should = more experience.  I found a photographer that we loved and knew would capture our day.  Peeps above are right...in 20 years you will only have a memory and pictures.
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    Have you met with the photographers yet? I'm in the midst of finding a photographer myself, and all the photographers I've contacted have made it a point to let me know that their pricing and package options are flexible. Also be sure to ask if they offer any discounts for things like booking early, paying in full when you book, or getting free extras if you spend a certain amount. They're willing to work with you to find a price you're comfortable with. 

    And I can relate to having to adjust the amount you originally budgeted for the photographer. My parents and I were a bit surprised when we found out what a good photographer would cost, but you're going about it the right way by looking for elements where you can compromise to free up more money to cover the photography.
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    hire good photographers!! check out these photogs and you can get amazing pacakages and different price points... i loved them so much i want to invite them to the wedding on their own even... http://www.dmstudio2.com/
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    Do you guys have an Irish festival anytime in the surronding area? Here in Dublin, Ohio we have an Irish festival every year and they have tons of Celtic jewelers and all kinds of wedding bands at all price points.

    If you don't have a festival try going to some of the non-chain jewlery stores and you may be pleasantly be surpised. Many of them have books of diferent options and they can order them for you so if there is a problem with the merchandise it's their headache not yours.

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    [QUOTE]I skimped on other parts of my budgets to get a good photographer.  Memories of the day will fade - your pictures you will have forever! My photographer gives us full copyrights to all the images so I will be able to make my own prints, albums, etc.  That was very important to me.
    Posted by BrittBritt22[/QUOTE]

    Speaking of photographers...I love your photo down at the bottom of your response. Who is your photographer?
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    We used Kelly Maughan and she is inexpensive but also very good.  We loved every bit of working with her.  I'd not only recommend her, but I'd use her again anytime I needed professional pictures taken.

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    Definitely DON'T skimp on a photographer. We had no idea and just went with a reasonable price--BAD decision. We were not happy with our photos. It's a one time thing--spend the money!
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