SRSLY this time: A2 GTG

okay, so i know there was some interest in it a few weeks ago, but since we have so many knotties peace out i'm thinking we should start to build up the cult-like dedication again. ;) so ann arbor/ypsi september. it seems to me a weekend day/night might be better just because people don't have to drive through rush hour. and we can make it on not a football saturday. :) I'm down for any daytime or night time activity. and if any nesties want to join in i'm down for that too, since we on the far-westside are small in numbers lol.
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Re: SRSLY this time: A2 GTG

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    DatsyuksMommyDatsyuksMommy member
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    Count me in. Except the 26th. I have a workshop for school that day.
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    I probably could do a weekend GTG in A2.
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    Count me in! And non football is good for me too, I have tickets!!
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    jessimaphonejessimaphone member
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    I would love to come, but getting married on the 19th counts me out of pretty much everything. It would have to be the first week or not at all for me!
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    I'm down! I never get over to A2 and I SHOULD! My wedding's out there... lolWeekEND sounds woooonderful, nobs!
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    elkayelkay member
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    There are more of us in the western reaches than you might think . . . OK, a weekend could work, depending. Not on Main St. though, it would be too packed to park and get tables. I guess I oughta' be a nestie by now, but they don't buy hot dresses and talk about new makeup much over there. :-)
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