Vendor Reviews w/ Pics!

Check out the married bio...I added a few pictures as well!!

Re: Vendor Reviews w/ Pics!

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    Awesome!!!  You looked gorgeous, Kelly!

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    You looked beautiful Kelly! Congrats!
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    love you dress, the candy buffet and the cupcakes!
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    wow! u looked great! Congrats to you. ummm P.S. I think I have that same dress! LOL!! It was the 3rd dress I ever tried on and my mom purchased it! It felt great, but I wanted a sexier dress which is NOT allowed in my church.. :) so it might just be my ceremony gown..but it is so pretty!! I loved it!
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    Very pretty and it looked like you had a great time.  Congrats!
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    beautiful!!! you looked so gorgeous :) Congrats on such a great day!
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    You were a beautiful bride!  It looks like things went really well too!
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    You looked beautiful, and truly happy.
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    Aww Kelly you looked beautiful!!! All the pics are great, great reviews too. And, I love that all the brides lately are adding the "what I've learned" piece...it's all so true but I think those of us that haven't actually walked down the aisle benefit from hearing those things because when we freak out over things, we know we're not alone!
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    You looked absolutely beautiful! Sorry you didn't like your hair, but it looked really pretty in those pictures.
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    I think you looked beautiful! And your hair is simply elegant!
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