This is too funny!  I just got a call from my Dad asking if if his anniversary is the 6th or 8th.  I told him, "Dad, it was yesterday"!  "Oh.  Don't tell your Mother I called to ask you.  I'll never live it down!"So this brings me to the poll question.What was the funniest thing someone told you that you couldn't stop laughing about for a while?

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    One of my second graders was misbehaving in the bathroom (crawling under the stalls while other little girls were going to the bathroom).  The other girls came and told me what she was doing and when I asked her about it, she told me that they all just "had a vision."  She said they all were just imagining it and they got their "vision" confused with reality.  I thought that was pretty darn funny!!  Gotta love second graders!
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    As much as I shouldn't, I always crack up laughing when my FI sneezes. It's not a normal sneeze, and there's really no way of describing it. I've tried to catch it on video but haven't had such luck yet..
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