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 My fiance and I had to change our wedding date to some unforseen financial issues. Now that we are getting married next year in AUgust instead of this december we dont know whether to keep the Burgundy color Idea or go with a brighter red or possible hues of purple with a pop color. We are so lost and currently our parents want to let us figure out the color basics and date before they help(they want us to learn to come to common ground on things) So what colors are you ladys using and any ideas on how to choose to help us out a little bit!?


  • Have you already purchased items in the burgundy color? If you have, I would add some brighter colors (yellows, aquas, etc)  and make sure to stay away from greens or metalic tones to keep it from looking too "Chirstmas." If you have not purchased anything, then you are free to do whatever you want, including burgundy. Choice is yours (and your fiance's)

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  • I aggree with the PP.
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