Yes, I  am yelling your name!!

You have to check out The Hellenic Cultural Center on Joy Road in Westland!!! It is beautiful, just as beautiful as FHM.  The room is enomorous, I'm not quite sure if it would be the same size or bigger.  There are at least 6 chandeliers in the room and you can set it up however you'd like. They have a dance floor that can be as big or small as you'd like.

The lady said that if I emailed her my prices and what HVCC was offering she will match if not beat the prices.

They just redid the carpeting in the rooms and redid the bathrooms with granite tile floors and countertops.

I'll email you the menu when I get to work in the morning, you HAVE to see if they have your date so we CAN have the same venue.  :)

I haven't been able to find very many pictures, here's one:

Here's a website with some more pictures where it looks like a Class Reunion must have set it up to give attendees information:
Hellenic Cultural Center

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    I just searched for them but for whatever reason my browser wont let me find the site even though it is showing up on Google. I hated the bathrooms at HVCC so I am so glad that you check that issue for me.

    I love that the lady is willing to meet or beat prices that makes me want to drive over there right now.

    I am so scared that they wont have my date available. Do you have her contact information available right now? If not I can wait until tomorrow especially since it is 9 at night.

    I am all about meeting prices and this just gave me some hope. Thanks for sharing Kayla I really appreciate it. Yell at me any time when there is good news like this. Did you go there or just talked to them?

    If you went there how does the outside look? Is the area nice? Is it a part of a strip  mall ? lol but I am serious!
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    I actually drove there tonight on my way home from work. I had an appointment set up with her at 6:30. After our conversations from today, I had pretty much set my mind up on Burton.  I tried calling her a couple of times to ask her about pricing to see if it would even be worth my time. After I didn't reach her I just thought well we had the appointment set up, maybe she's not going in until it's time for us to meet.  Boy, Am I glad I went! She is soo nice and even apologized for what happened at HVCC.
    They have 2 foyers in a way, it's a little weird but either way they are both nice. The foyer on the inside has a water fountain.  I physically went into the women's. There's like a sitting area and then you go through doors to the 4 or 5 stalls.
    She gave me her email address but she said to try it and if it doesn't work to call the office to confirm the address is correct. The address she gave me is: hellenicco@gmail.com. Her name is Steffi. The number is 734-525-3550. LOL!! It is not part of a strip mall at all! You should know I've got more class than that! LMAO! :) They are a part of a Greek Orthodox Church though. There is ample parking and they have a covered type drive at the front of the building (kind of like at a hotel, but not an awning, actual concrete type material) It was dark but I drove out there on Sunday hoping they'd be open too. 
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    I know you are a classy lady we decided on the same hall to begin with lol! I am super excited I am about to email her right now and hopefully she will get back to me in the morning. I can't get over the price I am super excited about that.

    Yes you were dead set on Burton I am so glad that you went and that you liked it. I am  going to go to FHM hopefully on my lunch tomorrow and then try to go to the Hellenic when I get off if they have ny date available.

    I am so into a nice bathroom especially with large stalls so I wont need help in my dress going to the bathroom. I am kind of obsessed with it especially since I did not like the bathrooms at HVCC.
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