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i just saw i had a message from you but then when i typed all this up it said you didnt exist anymore sooo just in case you have a different name, heres the answer to your question.


You know honestly we never even realized that stuff. We haven't gone inside yet because of his job (everytime i've made an appointment he has gotten sent off to work) but we looked in the windows and the caterer we are using raved about how great the place was. We don't really care about the whole window cleaning and stuff I guess but I did hear that they aren't really helpful with anything like that. :/ just dont share that tidbit lol.

Basically i talked to some people on yelp and vendors who were familiar with the casino and i heard way more good things than bad. The price is good and it looks classy and once you figure out the whole contract with them you don't really have to deal with them again. You bring in who and what you want which i love. The photo opportunities are awesome there. We are getting married in the fall (idk about you) but i figure doing the ceremony on the main floor and reception upstairs we are saving $$ bc we dont have to rent chairs for anything bc they supply them. plus the weather may be iffy.

 i asked my caterer about the chairs and if we would need chair covers and she said the chairs are in good condition and they dont need covers bc they still look good (good info fo us bc we are on a budget too). 

theres lots of room for parking and its easy to find too. idk if you talked to the ppl in the office but if you book the whole place for $1400 you get $250 back after the wedding. 

ive just seen sooo many pictures of beautiful weddings there, i put the $$ down before even really going in. i had such a good feeling about the place. i know its both of your wedding but if you love it he shouldnt be so against it. girls fantasize about weddings, guys dont as much so it should be your choice ;)

my fi did like what he saw when we looked in the windows though-i didnt force his hand in the matter lol

sry for the shorthand and crappy grammar and punctuation, my baby woke up and im typing with 1 hand. and sry i didnt get back to u sooner i didnt even know how to check private messages til today lol
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