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Wahoo!  It's Friday and for many people, a long weekend!  What plans do you have this weekend?


  • I had today off, so FI and I spent the day together.  Then tonight is date night, so we are off to a Plymouth Whalers game and then off to a pub somewhere for drinks.

    Tomorrow is relax until new years eve party with friends.

    Sunday relax and enjoy the day off.  Maybe address some more invitations.

    I get Monday off too, so I will probably be more productive and get some wedding projects taken care of.
  • Pretty boring weekend here, but I have 4 days off :)

    Today we had DH's family Christmas, then we headed up to the mall to do some exchanges. 

    The rest of the weekend consists of drinking wine, couponing, cleaning and hanging out with friends. 

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  • Well, I had a good weekend planned to go out to FI brothers and just have some fun. But I went to work on Thursday and got some bad news. The Sears Store I work at is one of the lucky ones that is closing come March or April. Not only did I get that bad news, we were on our way out to his brothers house tonight, and his car caught on fire driving down the express way. It was an electrical fire and we did not see it coming. Not sure if it will be fixable or not. So HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ME! I hope Saturday is much better for me. But sunday will be mine and FI's 5 year anniversary :)
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  • Yesterday I went out to Great Lakes Crossing to get some of the great deals they had going on.  That was on the way to my friend's house so we could catch up and hang out with other people in the area.  It felt so good to just have a girls night with 3 of my closest friends and talk about nothing work related.

    Today: I slept in and am catching up on here and relaxing the rest of the day.  Partying will occur later on.

    Tomorrow: Sleeping in and hopefully working on my paper that I've been procrastinating on.
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