Gift Card PSA- Don't end up like me!!!

If you get gift cards- for whatever reason- please write down all the pertinent information and keep it somewhere safe; like a word doc or excel spreadsheet. Generally, there is no way to track the card other than by the card # and oftentimes a pin unless you have the receipt that shows the purchase of the card.

When my purse was stolen on Tuesday, someone made out like a bandit with about $400 in gift cards. I had a ton in my purse because of all the honeymoon shopping I was doing in the couple of weeks before the wedding. Luckily no wedding ones were in there, but I lost some from the bridal shower, B-party & even Christmas!

Had I written down all the card numbers, pins & card amounts in an excel spreadsheet or something and kept the receipts that some people gave me with the card, I may have been able to contact the issuing stores and report them stolen.  We're making a list tonight with our wedding gift cards!

It's such a bummer because I had a $125 gift card to Somerset that was a Christmas gift that I had earmarked for a "WTH are you thinking spending that much on a purse" Coach bag. I might just have to go get one anyway. Retail therapy.

That's my Mister Rogers helpful tip for today!

Re: Gift Card PSA- Don't end up like me!!!

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