I'm getting married on August 4th, 2012. The ceremony is in Grosse Pointe and the reception is in Detroit. We are in need of transportation for 8 people just from the cermony to the reception, with stops in various Detroit locations for photos! I am just looking for a service that is afforable and will fit in the 2 hr. max time block. Any suggestions? Limo are too expensive and have a 3-4 hour minimum.
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    I'm looking into renting a charter yellow school bus - you can get the mini bus (20 seats) for I think $1.50/seat per hour. I have to call and confirm the pricing but this has been the cheapest alternative I can find thus far.

    http://www.firstcharterbus.com/ (link)
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    We secured a "transfer" (pick up and delivery only) from Warren to Livonia. It was about an hour drive, and cost under $200. However, your desire to stop and take pictures (with your photographer?) will probably add more than an hour....... not sure where you wanted to stop and take pictures........along the Detroit Riverfront, downtown Detroit, or elsewhere.

    I checked the Detroit Tiger's schedule, they have a home game at 7 pm that night. The area downtown around Woodward Ave and Comerica Park will be quite crowded from about 5 pm onward.

    I'm not trying to dissuade you from your plans, just wanted to explain while the direct drive from Grosse Pointe to Detroit may be only 30 minutes down Jefferson Ave, in the summer downtown Detroit gets crowded when the Tigers have a home game, and your actual time may be as long as 3 hrs even if it's just one way.
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    Try Metro Cars - You rent them by the hour and they are pretty cheap.  We used them for both the wedding and the bachelorette party and it went really well.  We had 6 girls in a SUV, and I think it seated 8. 
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