Hair Woes

Hey ladies!

SO back in September I chopped off all of my hair - it was down to the middle of my back and I cut it up to my chin.  Wouldn't you know, literally ONE week later, my bf proposes to me!!  After the initial excitement, I was thinking, "CRAP!!!  Now I don't have hair for a wedding hairstyle!!"  Literally...it worries me sometimes haha

So anyways, long story short, I don't think it's going to grow out enough between now and November to have a great, gorgeous 'do.  I was wondering if any of you know of a good place to get extensions from for a relatively affordable price?  I won't be using them for anything but the wedding, so I probably wouldn't get the sewn in ones...but I'm open to suggestions!!

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Re: Hair Woes

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    How short is your hair? Do you want it all up or down? 

    I'm asking all this because about a month ago a cut 10 inches off my hair. I know mist brides don't did this with just months until the wedding. However, I was over my hair. Also after talking to my hairdresser my short hair would be beautiful all up which is what I wanted.

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    We have a consultation tonight, a friend of mine has had hers done several times and just raves about the results!
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    I don't know an answer to your specific question, but I want to let you know it's OK to have gorgeous short hair! Mine is about chin length, maybe slightly longer, and I also have layers. I was in a wedding a couple years ago and figured all I'd be able to do was get a nice blowout, certainly no updo! But, the stylist was able to do a half-up style with sideswept bangs and lots of body. To this day it's my favorite up-do I've had, and is what I'll be using as inspiration for my wedding day hair.

    I know there aren't a ton of short hair wedding pics, but I bet you can totally rock it! You'd be amazed what a stylist can do with short hair and how much they can actuall get "up"
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    I did the same thing.... I cut my hair in December super short, thinking we were getting married in 2012, however we decided on October 2011.

    My hair grew back past my shoulders by October and all was fine. I think it was actually the longest I ever had my hair!

    A couple things, I did take prenatal vitamins to help (my doctor ok'd it and said it was a great option) and my hair does grow on the faster side.

    Good Luck!
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    I'm totally on board with prenatal vitamins, I've seen a huge difference in my hair. But they won't make your hair grow super fast. If you're looking for an updo, then you should be fine with chin-length hair, they may add clip in extensions to add a little volume. If you want your hair down, ditto Larz on the Euro extensions from Sally Beauty Supply.
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