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August 2013 Weddings

Congrats & Welcome!

Congratulations on your engagement and welcome to the boards!

RailWayWifeis your Mod for the August 2013 board so if you have any questions or concerns, please PM me.

Some things for you to remember:

1) We may talk about a lot of things, not just wedding related information. Many people actually become friends and know each other IRL. That's a good thing, embrace it!

2) We welcome all--the marrieds, newly engaged, grooms, mothers of brides, bridal party members and people just interested in weddings. All opinions are welcome.

3) Vendors are not welcome. Don't come on here advertising your business.

 4) Don't ask a question unless you actually want an answer. You will hear all sides, people who agree with you and people who disagree with you. Be prepared for that.

5) Search through prior posts, there is a good chance someone has just answered a question similar to yours. No one wants to read the same question and post the same answers over and over again.

6) Don't post ANY personal information. This is a public message board and ANYONE can read this. Personal info includes phone numbers, full name (esp last name), email ( make one up for message board info), work info.. etc. If your screen name has your full name or email in it, change it. It's for your protection.

The lingo… 

AE = alter-ego
AW = attention whore 

= best f*ckin friends forever
BM = Bridesmaid
BP = bridal party 
BSC = Bat Sh*t Crazy

DH = Dear Husband
DIAF = die in a fire
DIY = Do it yourself 

FBIL = future brother-in-law
FFIL = future father-in-law
FFF = Flame Free Friday
FFS = For F***s Sake
FG = flower girl
FH = future husband
FI = fiancé
Field Trip = check out another thread/board
FMIL = future mother-in-law
FSIL = future sister-in-law
FWIW = for what it's worth 

GBCK = Goodbye Cruel Knot
GM = groomsman
GTG/G2G = get together  

HM = Honeymoon
HTH = hope this helps 

IHO = In Honor Of
IMHO = In my honest opinion
IMO = in my opinion
IRL = in real life 

JOP/JP = Justice of the Peace 

LTBM = Living together before marriage 

MG = married girl
MOB = Mother of bride
MOG = Mother of groom
MUD = Made Up Drama  

NMS = Not my style
NSFW = Not safe for work (read DO NOT OPEN AT WORK)
NWMT = Not worth my time
NWR = non wedding related 

OMFG = oh my f.... gosh
OMG = oh my gosh
OP = original poster (most important DO NOT DELETE YOUR POST...it helps others even though you may get "flammed" meaning strong opinions that might sting...)

= picture in bio (click the bio links in the siggy area)
PIP = picture in post
PP = previous post/prior poster
PPD = pretty princess day
PR/P&R = post and run
PSA = public service announcement 
PW = post whore (making multiple posts)

RB = ring bearer
RD = Rehearsal Dinner 

Siggy = signature the lower part of your posts
Siggy Challenge = different boards have “challenges” where you post an agreed upon thing like “Ceremony Site”
STD = Save The Dave (not sexually transmitted disease)
STFU = shut the f.. up..  

TIA = Thanks in Advance
TK = theknot
TMI = Too Much Information
TROLL = Someone posting a fake question to get a reaction

WR = wedding related 

XP = Crosspost 

YGPM = you got private message

ZOMG = over the top OMG





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