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I'm fairly confident I remember you mentioning that you had one of your showers at Peabody's in Birmingham?  My mom is currently browsing locations in the Troy/Royal Oak/Birmingham location.  What did you think of it there?  Were you happy with everything?  Thanks in advance! :)

Re: **Milsey32**

  • Yes, we had it upstairs in the library. It was lovely - they said we couldn't necessarily reserve the whole upstairs (we only had 10 people I think?) but they would seat their customers downstairs until the place got full (which it didn't, so we did have the whole upstairs to ourselves). They were really helpful with everything, the food was delicious, it was just a nice and stressfree shower (I had 4 showers). 

    The only complaint it that my sister/MOH who is 3 years older than me, and looks well past 21, drove with my mom and therefore didn't have her ID so she couldn't have a mimosa. 

    My shower started at 11, I think? maybe 11:30. But it was nice because it was before Birmingham got too busy. I would definitely recommend it.
  • Perfect - thanks so much!!
  • you're more than welcome :)
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