Is Sorella's worth the extra $?

Hey there!  For all you who have used Sorella's Bakery in Livonia, was your cake the best you've ever had?

Here's the deal - I had set aside $500 for my cake budget (we still have extra in our overall budget, but that is for incedentals, tips, etc).  My brother used Mr. Cake in Ann Arbor as his bakery and the cake was good.  It was just buttercream with buttercream filling.  The slices were $1.80 each plus a $40 set up/tear down fee.  For 200 people that would be $424 - under budget.

However, then I read about Sorella's and it sounds amazing.  Their cakes have 4 layers of mouse in each piece!  However, they are much more expensive - $3.00/slice plus $50 set up/tear down, for a total of $689.  They are about to raise their prices as well (to $3.75/slice), so I have to book by Saturday to get the $3.00/slice price.  I booked a tasting on Saturday just in case.

The soonest tasting I could get with Mr. Cake is March 13...so I have to make my decision on Sorella's this Saturday or else it is totally out of budget.

How important do you think the cake is?  Would you rather be under budget for a cake that tastes fine, or would you rather go over a wee bit for something phenomenal?  And did you use Sorella's?  Were they as good as they sound?

Thanks in advance!!
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Re: Is Sorella's worth the extra $?

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    I would taste test it yourself at Sorella's before you actually make a decision.
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    I didn't use Sorella's, I used Holiday Market in Royal Oak. Their cake was amazing, and I am still hearing about it almost 6 months after the wedding from people that attended.

    Our cake was $189 and served at least 100.........we had 2 round layers, 73 people, and half of the bottom (larger 14 inch) layer left! It was more than enough. We had yellow cake with Passion Fruit Mousse with buttercream on top. Not really fancy, but it was delicious. I'm sure it would be more if it were fancier with a lot of decorations, but still under your budget.

    Aside from our cake, when I go to weddings, to be honest I notice the frosting most of all, because I'm a lunatic for great frosting. I'm one of those people that runs the knife around the edge of the cake platter to get all the frosting decorations stuck to it. I can't honestly say that I have ever judged the quality of the wedding based on the cake. To be honest, I don't remember what most of the cakes at the weddings I have attended looked like............except the ones with really good frosting LOL.
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    I tried Sorella's when I was shopping for my cake a few weeks back.  It was good, but I didn't think it was spectacular or anything.  I thought the cake and mousse were good, but I didn't care for the frosting.  I ended up going with The Pastry Palace in Wixom.  Everyone has different tastes.  You should taste it yourself and see if you think it's worth it.  
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    Here's yet another opinion! I went with Sorrella's. I really love the marble cake, it was super moist and I loved that the buttercream wasn't too sweet (I still haven't decided on a filling). I also love the way they decorate. 
    Can you stop by the other bakery for a cupcake or see if they have something small you can pick up to get a preview before your tasting at Sorella's? It is a pretty significant price difference, so might be worth the trouble. 
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