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Hair appointment

What time are/did you girls go in for your hair appointments? My wedding is at 2:30 and she wants us there at 8. I have 7 people that need their hair done and there are 3 stylists. How long were you ladies at the salon for? Also if you went to a salon who did makeup also, were they pretty cool about you bringing in your own makeup artist?

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Re: Hair appointment

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    I am not going to a salon to get my hair done, but this is what my timeline will look like:

    There are 8 girls getting their hair done between 2 stylists. The appointments will start at 8:00 am and you have to give the stylists an hour to do each girl. We are hoping to be done by noon. My mom and I are getting our hair done by someone else, so there will really be three stylists.

    I think if your ceremony starts at 2:30 you would want to be in your dress at the church no later than 1:45, right? That might even be cutting it close. That gives you 4 hours at the salon and hopefully the stylists can get all the girls' hair done. I think it's safe to have the appointments start at 8:00 am, but you really won't have much of a cushion for time so there won't be much down time. I think it will work though.

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    We have myself, 4 bm and 2 fg (my kids) who got their hair done at 8. There was 2 stylists. They started on me then my MOH. Then they did my kids and MOH and I went and took them to grandma's to get dressed. All us were done at 11:50. We  then grabbed subway and went to the church by 12 (at which time our photographer was there). We ate did makeup and got dressed and then pics until about 2. The guys took their pics from 2-220. Then H and BM went in hiding while the other GM sat our guests for our 3 pm wedding.

    I would assume if the salon has someone who does makeup they won't be to keen on you bringing someone else in. However, I have no experience in this area. I would call and ask them what their policy is.
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