Dessert & Cocktail reception location

Hello Everyone!

My fiance & I are on a very tight budget and are considering a dessert and cocktail reception.  However, I am having a hard time finding venues that do such a reception.  Any suggestions????  I would be most thankful!

Re: Dessert & Cocktail reception location

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    I would say you actually have MORE options because you don't need a fully catered meal. Have you checked a large restaurant that has "meeting" spaces? Any hotel would also have a ballroom area. Just think a bit more outside the box.
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    How many people are you thinking?
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    Welcome to the Detroit board!

    It would help to know a bit more info, such as your budget per person, any geographic area you prefer, and how many people?

    If you want an "all inclusive" where the location supplies all the frills, like linens, tables and chairs, etc, it may be hard because many won't consider allowing a more inexpensive reception to tie up their space. However there are many other places that have a set rental fee for the space, and you'd bring in your own food, drinks and "frills".

    If you look through the 2 posts at the top of this board with push pins, it has a list of the facilities we used, with costs and reviews.

    Give us more info. The brides here are always happy to help.

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    Hi Everyone!

    The church that we are getting married at is in Clinton Township.  I ran the cocktail & desert only reception by our families and they think that we should still look at dinner reception venues being that our wedding would be on a Friday.  

    Our guest list is roughly 170.   Not exaclty sure what our budget for the reception is...we would like to still have a nice venue but not have to spend all of our money there.  I know that the reception is a huge part of the wedding budget, i just want to get the most bang for my buck without going into debt over a wedding.  
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