I am preparing invites,and I remember you saying that you got an invisible ink marker for your rspvs, since some people do not put their names on there. Where do you get one at??
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    That wasn't me actually as I customized each RSVP with the names of those invited but I have definitely heard about this trick and think it's a good one!

    I'm not sure about invisible pens but I know a lot of brides will write a small number on the back in one of the corners and have a list of who corresponds to what number.

    Hopefully someone else may be able to chime in with info about the pens but if you can't find them, I would just write it faintly with pencil.

    Good luck!  It's getting so close!!
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    I ordered mine from amazon and it came with a little black light.  I think it was $10.  Turns out I didn't need it since everyone who sent it in signed there name.  But you never know.
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    Thanks ladies!! I'll look on amazon and order one.. If I don't use it, then no big deal... I know my 6 year old will love it with her "secret diary" she got for Christmas! Lol
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    I also got one off amazon. Needed it for 1 RSVP, but it was more fun seeing ILs get a kick out of writing with the pen :) added a little fun to the process :)
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