Kinda frustrated..any suggestions

my wedding is june 30 and i went with my moh to pick out her dress for her and the bridesmaids, found out that it takes 12 weeks for the dresses to come in and we have to pay in full before we can even order. just hoping all my bridesmaids will be able to order there dresses this weekend. does it really take 12 weeks for david bridal. is there any other bridal shops the have david bridals prices but quicker shipping times. i am pulling my hair out over here. dont know what to do. any suggestions.

Re: Kinda frustrated..any suggestions

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    Even if it does take 12 weeks, that still puts you only at the end of April/beginning of May.  Realistically, you only need them by the beginning of June to give them enough time for alterations (if needed.)

    I ordered a dress from David's this past fall.  I can't remember what time frame they told me but it was in the shop not two weeks later.  The dresses aren't custom orders, they are mass produced so it's not like they wait to make the dresses until there is an actual order for that style/size/color.

    Tell the girls they have to order by say March 1st.  Give them the exact style number and color and let them know the price.  That gives them three weeks to get over there and get fitted/ordered.
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    My BMs got their dresses (from DB) in 2 weeks. Don't sweat it. 
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    Most of my BM got their dresses in 2 - 4 weeks.  You have time!
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    DB told us 12 weeks also but in my past experiences, they were always in within 3 weeks.
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