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Anyone have suggestions on where to find a veil that is not ridiculously overpriced? At the shop where I got my dress, they have a plain one for $55 and one with beading for $160. My dress has beading on it, so I am a little worried about it being too much bling. 

I just really don't want to pay all that money for something I am going to wear for like 2 hours. I'm ok with borrowing one if someone is ok with that :) 

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Re: Where to get veil

  • I recently just bought my veil from David's Bridal and I love it! The veil I found was originally $129 and is now on sale for $79. It is mid-length and has beading around the edges which just sparkles. I am like you and refuse to spend a ridiculous amount of money on a veil. Below is the link, and they still have it available. It also delivers super fast...ordered on a Tuesday and received via UPS on Friday- with normal shipping!

    I hope you like it especially for the price!!!
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  • I got mine off of Etsy.  It's a mantilla waltz length veil for $50.  I know a lot of people have used etsy and even ebay.
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    I got a cathedral length, single tier raw edge veil on Amazon for just under $40. I agree with Megan about Etsy- I found them all day for under $50 and beautiful, just happened to like the one on Amazon the best.
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    You can get plain veils at Michael's or Joann's in their wedding section for under $25 and then a separate headpiece there, or elsewhere.

    Also, they sell them at Dealer's Discount Floral on 10 Mile Rd just east of Van Dyke, a pretty large selection, with headpieces as well.

    If you want a headpiece/headband, I have an extra one I'd sell for $10 if you can pick it up. It is a metal headband that has pearls and rhinestones, in picture below.

    You could also borrow my veil, which is in the garden picture below. It's long and just attaches with a comb. Just send me a private message if you are interested, or page me on the board.
  • valuveil.com is where a lot of brides on here get their veils...I plan on ordering mine from them too! SUPER cheap.
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  • I've looked at etsy a few times, but there are just so many options & its hard to tell what they really look like. I also looked at valuveil, but they only had a couple options & I didn't see anything with beading. 

    Thank you Sue for your offer. I wanted a cathedral veil, but I tried one on with my dress & it just didn't look right...it was like they were competing with eachother. Also, I'm really small so it looked kinda silly on me! :) I will look at michaels & joanns...i never thought of that!!!

    For those that bought on etsy, do you have a seller/store name??

    Thanks :) 
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    [QUOTE] For those that bought on etsy, do you have a seller/store name?? Thanks :) 
    Posted by spartybride3[/QUOTE]

    I got mine from Pampered Bride. 
  • I bought tulle at Habermans in Royal Oak along with a $2 comb and my Mother In Law sewed it together along with sme edging. Total cost = $10. I didn't want anything with lace or beads because my dress already had a lot on it. I also didn't want to spend a lot of money on it because I knew I would only wear it for the ceremony, plus I love that my Mother in law made it for the day.
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