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What part of planning do you care the most about?  What about the least?*

*Note this is not necessarily the thing you dislike the most just the part you are most apathetic about*

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    I care way too much about invitations, and I probably care least about centerpieces/flowers in general (contemplating doing nothing but I'll probably do paper luminaries just to help light up the room)
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    I don't care at all about cake and centerpieces. FMIL has been obsessed with the centerpieces basically since we got engaged and I feel bad because I seriously do not care about them and she talks about them all the time.

    Picking our venue was really important to me. And honeymoon :)
    June 16, 2012
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    Most:  the photographer.  And I loved how all our photos turned out :)

    Least:  The cake.  It was going to get cut up anyway so I didn't care all that much.  Although this was DH's favorite part!
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    Hm, well I'm just starting out with planning. So this is kind of difficult...

    I care the least about the cake, I want it to look pretty but I could care less about it after that. I don't eat it so I'm not even looking forward to cake tasting. I might delegate that to FI and his mom. 

    Most: Photographer, we are taking our time trying to find the perfect one for us. Also, making sure everyone has fun. I've been to enough weddings where people were complaining about how they never even spoke to the bride/groom..so I'm focusing on making sure they have a great time at ours. 
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    I care most about the photographer! I have been researching photographers for months and have my first appointment with one in February. Also, my dress is a top concern for me - mostly because I am super super picky and know the exact kind of dress I want ... I just hope I can find it.

    I'm with a lot of others, I care least about the cake. LIterally FMIL has asked me several times if I've figured out what Im doing for the cake/who is making it - I have a year and 5 months left, no I did not figure out a cake person yet, leave me alone. =)

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