A Wedding in Fabulous Ferndale

Has anbyody gotten married in Ferndale? If so, what venues did you use? I'm looking at The Emory. Thoughts?

Re: A Wedding in Fabulous Ferndale

  • does the Emory offer wedding packages?  I just know from going there that they are strict about their menu - never offer valet - and are always packed.  never seen it closed for a private event - but maybe I've just never paid attention for that. 

    Seems to me there aren't too many good locations in Ferndale for a reception.  Assaggi is probably the nicest - at least they have the lot behind and offer regular valet. 

    What is your head count?  TIme of year?

    -fellow Ferndale Resident
  • The head count is looking to be about 125. The time of year (I'm sure I'm doing this backwards) is actually dependent on where we have it. If we go with our original plan of the Lafayette Grande in Pontiac, it'll be in November to take advantage of their off season prices. If we do it someplace else that doesn't offer a place for the ceremony, it'll be sometime in the spring/early summer of 2013 so that we can rent a park for the ceremony.
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