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I know there can be a lot of controversies when it comes to contest and the knot.

My wedding photographer is having a contest to win a free canvas wrap of one of our enagagemnt pictures. All you have to do is like the picture on facebook. If any of my ladies here wouldn't mind doing it for me I would appreciate it.

Here is the link to our photo.


Thanks Everyone.

If anyone has a problem with this post I will take it down.
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Re: Help

  • For everyone's knowledge - these types of posts are actually not against the rules despite what some posters may think.  They only become spam (and therefore violate the TOS) once a poster decides to post it on multiple boards looking for votes.

    So if a poster only keeps it to one board, it's completely fine.  Many of the larger boards (budget, chit chat, etc.) do not respond well to these types of posts and many responders will vote for the competition.  However, on a local board where we "know" each other, I think it's a different situation.

    Good luck!
  • edited February 2012
    For what its worth... your picture blows all the other ones out of the water.

    ...so of course I liked it ;-)

    Edit: You also might want to mention that the vote only counts if they like the photographers page also, not just the picture. 
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  • Thanks Ladies.

    Good to know Liz. I figured since you ladies know me it wouldn't be such a big deal.
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  • Liked  :) 

    I definitely like your picture the best of all of them.
  • Liked! And that picture is adorable :)
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  • liked :) and your is by far the best picture!
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